Fluorene series
        Carbazole series
        Triazine series
        Other heterocyclic series
        Other intermediates
  About us

Founded in 2009, Yantai Jiacheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized research, development, manufacturing and trading enterprise of OLED intermediates, Liquid crystal intermediates, Pharmaceutical intermediates and other fine chemicals. We are well known for strong research and development strength, large production scale, well-established and operated quality management system.

With years' hard working, we have independently developed about 200 kinds of products, and successfully certificated to ISO9001 quality system. Due to excellent quality and service, we have established long-term relationships of cooperation with customers all around the world.

Sticking to such business idea of "customer supreme, constant innovation", we work hard to offer customers quality products with price competitiveness. Yantai Jiacheng commits to be the best supplier of you for synthetic materials and custom-made chemicals!

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